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  Father, A Tear Fell A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

I was saying a prayer this day

Did not know what to say

So many blessing that I could not count

Father a tear fell

Just thinking of the wonder of being able to walk

I can use my hands and I can talk

Oh how many times I forget to thank you

Father a tear fell

Lying here on my bed and nothing being said

I remember so many things that I use to dread

Not now because my Father takes control of all

Father a tear fell

I wonder why so often I cry

My desire is to live for Jesus and I really do try

Sometimes things just darken my days

Father a tear fell

When I think of my Jesus going to the cross

For me HE knew that I would not be lost

He rose again to show the whole world

He is the son of God and will forever be

Father a tear fell


Sarah Berthelson

Sarah is the author of “He Guides My Path”, “Just Jesus” and “Only By His Grace Can be ordered for Amazon, Barnes & Nobele and Target