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  Faith, Hope and Love A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Endurance, Faith, Great Commission, Love, Poems

Faith, hope and love,

Rains down from above,

Angels shining like the stars,

Pearls and rubies in their wings,

Springs the rivers of delight.

Our Father, Sits and listens,

God, frankinsence and myrrh,

Incense of prayers,

Fragrance, Swirling, coiling, active,

Whispers of wisdom, comes forth,

From Heaven He came,

Gold sashed and gleaming white,

To our mud trodden world of sin,

No-one recognised the King of the Jews,

His own had wandered,

Like lost sheep, the gentiles,

Listened and believed,

That salvation,

Brings faith, hope assured,

The greatest gift of all,

Sacrificed with nails,

Pierced for us,

Blood shed,


Torn in two from above.

Blessed are the meek,

So humble, Our Jesus,

Torn in spirit and truth,

His way of love,

So divine,

How can it be?

That I should gain,


By the King,

The King of all kings,

The Lord of all Lords.

Blessed are the merciful,

Have mercy on me Lord,

Forgive my sin,

Sing unto Him a new song,

Clothed in righteousness,



Pure white linen,

No blemish,

Accepted into the beloved,

His arms carry us home.

Blessed are the pure;

For they will see;

God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit,


At peace;

Safe and sheltered,

Enfolded into his bosom,




Adored and treasured.

You are!

Jacqui Julyan