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  Faded to Gray A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Word of God

It might be ragged and torn, it’s cover has faded to gray;
But the words in the Bible were true then, and still hold true today.
God’s holy words need no help, they can stand on their own;
Even though they are rearranged………..and put down in verse and song.

Don’t let any words be taken out, nor any words put back in;
Trying to change the word of God…….is nothing but a sin.
I would never think of adding to God’s words, or taking any away;
They were good enough when God gave them, and they are good enough today.

That ragged, torn and faded Bible just means it has been read over and over again;
Page-by-page…….chapter-by-chapter……..from beginning to the end.
God’s words are written there, for all who thirst to take a drink;
Between us and God’s holy words, Jesus Christ is our link. Amen

By: Pat Finn