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  Eternity A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Salvation

Who would have ever thought,

I was worthy of being bought.

For me the price was paid,

At His feet my sins have been laid.

My love He did urgently seek,

To my heart He did fervently speak.

I heard my Shepherd when my name He did call,

And have promised to give Him my all.

His life for us He did lay down,

So in the end He could offer us a crown.

My name has been written in the book,

Now I am assured I will not be forsook.

For eternity I will explore,

The Fathers Heavenly shore.

His love is so steady and strong,

Don’t you also want to belong?

Pray this prayer and you shall be,

Forever a part of our eternal family.

Father, forgive my sins and set me free,

Give me new eyes that I may see,

All that you have in store for me.

Let Him hold you in close proximity,

Forever more even unto eternity.

He has wisdom to impart,

Girectly to your heart.

In trials and troubles praise Him too,

For the Lessons He has in mind for you.

Go ahead take a leap of faith,

Do not let your life be a waste.

It is not something that can be earned,

It is something that must be learned.

A gift from Jesus to your heart,

The time is now for a brand new start.

Tammy Levesque


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