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  Daddy with Hands of Iron A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Family, God Cares, Parenting, Poems

I can hear their voices
my soul is filled with fright!
I tremble beneath my covers
They argue every night.

His hands are hands of iron.
His voice is from the flames of Hell!
He slaps her face like thunder.
Glass is breaking, and something heavy fell.

Like a lion, he comes with a roar!
I fear him like the fear of death.
He is crashing through the safety of my door.
The smell of beer is on his breath.

My eyes begin to fill with tears,
but there is no mercy in his eyes!
If only daddy would calm my fears!
But he only laughs when he hears my cries.

So I will never let him know!
I will never let my feelings show!
Oh Lord, I want a father,
who doesn’t think that I’m a bother.

I want him to be gentle, yet I want him to be strong.
I want him to explain things, when I’ve done something wrong.
And even when he’s angry, I want mercy in his eyes,
and even when he fails me, I want to know he tries!

When I grow old enough, to have a family,
this is the kind of father, that I would like to be.
I promise, Lord, to teach them, about your loving care.
I will show them by my life, that you are always there.

Lord, this world is full of trouble.
Nobody knows just what to do.
I’m going to tell the whole wide world,
that everyone needs a dad like you!


Chris Hansen