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  Cross Around Your Neck A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Repentance

There’s a cross around your neck and whiskey on your breath;

The way you live your life is scaring me to death.

I pray to God for you to change…..ask Christ into your heart;

Let go of the whiskey and make a brand new start.

That cross is what Christ hung on, to take away your sins;

Turn them over to the Master and start your life again.

You can be reborn in Him, like the Lamb that was so pure;

Whiskey is an evil sickness from Satan, and Jesus is the cure.

Follow our Savior, for He is the light, the brightest star;

You don’t have to move, He’ll come to where you are.

He will cleanse you of your sins, and never bring them up;

The Savior of us all, with love and forgiveness, will overflow your cup. Amen


By: Pat Finn