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  Consider the Lilies A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | God Cares, Poems, Provision

Consider the lilies of the field.
The sparrows sow not, yet they do yield.

They gather not into barns food to bring,
Yet God feeds them every thing.

We need not take thoughts for our life.
Jesus will keep us safe with no strife.

Solomon in all his glory was not, arrayed
As the lilies of the field are in the parade

Jesus is our helper our Savior our all.
If you will believe in Him, give Him a call.

He will answer Thee; He will tell you true.
If you need to talk with Him, He will talk with you.

Call and He shall gladly answer your need
Be with our Lord; He plants the good seed.

He watches us daily; He knows every trial.
He walks with us daily, mile after mile.

Lilies are so splendid; God made them grow.
He gives us directions; our hearts He doth know.

He knows our thoughts, He believes in all good.
Things we could not do, Jesus showed us we could.

All we can do is with His mighty help each day.
He loves and adores us, and He wants us to pray.

Pray for others, the unfortunate in their time.
Speak to them wonders that will ease their mind.

When we chose our Lord Jesus to be in our heart,
He let us know that He would never depart.

He is our divine Master, most glorious of all.
Look and believe Him and He will come to call.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker

Written Sept 1 2008


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