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  Called Out A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Spiritual Life

When the Lord doth call you, its for a reason.

He has a need. One you have been trained to fulfill.

He calls you because He has seasoned you.

And you have come through the fire, now refined.

You, who have endured trial after trial, Just to be where you are at this instant.

Because you have been there,

You can now bring others through the flames.

Be you an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher,

You exist for this moment in time.

You are called according to His purpose.

His spoken word hath cleansed us.

You have been crucified in Christ,

And yet you live, for you are mature in Him.

You know Christ through the Word,

And therefore you are covered by His grace.

You know that all things work for good

For those who are called out for His purpose.

Because you keep His word, His love in you is perfected.

We are we that is within Him.

Now we must walk as Jesus walked.

The light of God must rain down from us.

All scripture is given us by the inspiration from God,

That we may be perfect in that word, furnished to all good works.

Yes, we are liken to a tree planted by the river of our Lord,

And we will bring forth fruit, in His due time.

We abide in Him, and He in us.

We are the branch, and He is the vine.

As of ourselves, we can produce nothing.

His word is the sustenance of our very being.

Oh, to be called out. Oh, to be found worthy.

Know His word, and then you will know Him.

I know that I must go forth in Him,

For He hath rolled away the stone. And He hath called me out.

Pastor T.D. Scearce


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