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  Believing is Seeing A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Faith, Poems

Believing is seeing,

Impossible to possible,

Sighs into despair,

Never say never, ‘

Do you still love me?’,

Mists of doubt,

I’m not perfect,

Sin is always before me,


every hour, Wickedness surrounds,

The heart is deceitful,

‘Lord, hear my cry’,

Come to my aid’,

Fear of the Lord,

Beginning of wisdom,

‘How can you?’ ‘Love me?’

‘I’m in such a mess’,

War upon my soul,

Good with evil,

Flesh against your Spirit,


I cry to myself,


‘My Grace is sufficient’,

‘I need you Lord’,

‘Where are you Lord?’

‘Come boldly child’

‘Don’t hide from me Lord’

I want to hide,

I want to seek,

‘Lord where are you?’

‘Be still child’ I’m here,

I’ve always been here.


Jacqui Julyan


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