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  Behold the Valley A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

Behold the valley……….

the dark valley below;

Death all around us,

which way do we go?


We walk through the valley discouraged,

we’re at the end of our rope;

We have lost what really matters,

for we no longer have faith or hope.

My God…….my God where are you?………

we can not find Your light;

Behold this valley we’re walking through,

it is blacker than the night.


No wind at all is blowing,

no breeze to cool our brow;

Savior we never needed you,

as-much-as we need you now.

We need revival……….revive our hearts,

our souls, our minds;

Lead us out please Father……..

for these sinners, let Your light shine.


When your faith will not get you through the valley,

that’s Satan feeding you doubt;

Behold The Lamb of God cometh,

and He shall lead us out. Amen


By: Pat Finn