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  Before Too Long A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Comfort, Heaven, Poems

When my days seem darkest

I see the the light within your face.

You renew my soul for one more day

With the promise of your grace.


I know my days are numbered

When I’m weakest, you are strong.

And though it seems I’ve lost my way

I’ll be home before too long.


Yes, I’ve hurt the ones I love

And it breaks my heart in two.

But what gives me the greatest fear

Is the thought of hurting you.


Yet you reached down from a cloud on high

And all my fear was gone.

So I’ll set my house in order just one more time

Though I won’t be here for long.


Now I offer you all I have

I give to you my soul.

To no longer walk the roads of sin

But walk those streets of gold.


And though I feel I let you down

You filled my heart with song.

And told me “No more pain my son,

You’ll be home before too long.”


So take my hand sweet Jesus

And call my name out loud.

Lift me up to praise our Father

And place me on your cloud.


Tell me of my life in Heaven

And show me I belong.

Walk with me and whisper, Lord,

“We’ll be home before too long.”


Pastor Tony D. Scearce


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