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  Be My Valentine A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Love, Poems

Valentines are given to those that you love

I pray we will remember our dear Lord above

He is our greatest love on this special day

Be my valentine

You are my friend and the best that can be

God sent you into my life for a reason, you see

No other friendship could be better than this

Be my valentine

It is my blessing to wish you a blessed day

I love you and thank God for you as I pray

God knew I needed you in my life

Be my valentine

Thank you God for this special day

That I can say Happy Valentines to you

May you be blessed more than you can say

Because it is Valentines Day

Be my valentine

Sarah Berthelson

Author of HE Guides My Path, Just Jesus and Only By His Grace Books are availble at, Barnes& Or most Christian book stores by order You have permission to use this poem


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