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  Banishing Worry A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

In Philippians we read of Paul’s advice,

to worry less and pray more.

We learn of God’s sacrifice,

the ultimate one, many ignore.

We learn of Him who brings us peace,

the One who’s in control,

the One who makes anxiety cease;

brings victory and makes us whole.

For worry only drags us down

and hinders our trust in God.

Worry paints our face in a frown

and others see us as an odd clod.

In all things if we turn to Jesus,

He’ll be our pattern and guide.

He’ll help us become like Him,

righteous, and what we need,

He will provide.

We’re more important to Him

than the yields or splendor and beauty in His fields,

more than gold, and Solomon’s household.

We must seek Him and watch our faith unfold.

© 2007 Carol Dee Meeks