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  Ballad of Someone in Need A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Servitude

I remembered it later,
The image so clear;
The compassion I’d prayed for,
The love so dear:
“Oh God, please put
Someone I say,
Someone who’s desperate,
In my path today.”

Then I got off my knees
With nary a care;
Nor even a thought,
Of my morning prayer.
I’m sure there were many
Needs put in my way,
But I didn’t see
Even one today!

Then the phone rang sharp,
Late in the night:
“Someone’s watching you,
A car without light!”
Panic immediately
Flooded my heart:
Of this evil being,
I wanted no part!

I charged through the house,
Checking window and door,
Locking all that opened,
Freaked to the core.
Then I pulled back the curtain.
I had to see,
If there really was
Someone stalking me.

Sure enough! An auto!
“Oh, what to do?”
I fretted and fumed,
Then suddenly I knew!
If this suspicious car,
Were still there in a while,
The police I would call;
A complaint I would file!

When later I looked,
I was shocked and amazed!
A tow truck sat behind
That car so crazed!
Only then did I see
God’s answer to my request!
But it was already too late;
I had just failed my test!

In God’s last ditch effort,
To make me aware,
Of the trouble around me,
Of the world so unfair,
He’d sent me this car,
This person in need,
In the dark of the night,
In trouble, indeed.

But I was too blind,
By the pursuit of my day,
By the fear and alarm,
By the work and the play.
And I ignored his plight,
Firmly locking my place;
Calling him a bandit,
Ignoring his face.

How sad, our society,
This attitude I’ve grown;
“Must not help ‘til I’m sure,
My OWN safety is known,”
Meanwhile someone suffers,
With something I could fix;
If only my own fear,
Were removed from the mix!

Lord, my morning prayer,
Sounds a bit different today;
Open my eyes to those
In need along my way;
Then push me out,
Of my comfort zone,
Help me to trust You,
As I face the unknown!

The End

Lyn Chaffart


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