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  At Ramah  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Witnessing

For Rachel’s children, she is weeping;

‘cause sins of the guilty, they are seeping;

among the blameless, the crimes are creeping;

as she laments for the Northern tribes.

Now Rachel’s voice is symbolizing.

Her mourns for her kin are vocalizing

‘cause people turned to feudalizing a

nd left their God and priests and scribes.

As wife of Jacob, he is favoring.

Her cries for exiles held for slavering

by Assyria’s hateful flavoring,

of their ways they impute and ascribe.

So Rachel’s children, she’s still weeping.

The children are gone. They are sleeping.

Deportation, reaping, heaping,

never more…ten Northern Tribes.

© 2006 Carol Dee Meeks