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  And the Angels Sang A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Salvation

Another soul comes to Jesus and turns their life around;

And the angels sang…….glory hallelujah, another soul is Heaven bound.

That’s one more for the Father, one more soul for our side;

And the angels sang…….glory hallelujah, we see a changing tide.


All across the world, there is a movement taking place;

People testifying to others about God’s amazing grace.

Every time a soul is saved in the name of the Holy King;

There is rejoicing in Heaven and all the angels sing.


Time is drawing nigh……we need to round up souls a lot faster;

And the angels sang…….glory hallelujah, let’s take them home to the Master.

Jesus will be back, riding on a cloud out of the East;

And the angels will sing…….glory hallelujah, we can now all live in peace.    Amen


Pat Finn


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