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  A Wayward Child A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Integrity, Intercession, Poems, Prayer

What can a mother do
when her child has lost her way?
Oh tell me what can she do
but get on her knees and pray?

When that child, him or her
can’t see the error of their way,
when nothing can dissuade them,
no matter what you say.

When their life is beset
with toil and strife,
trouble and pain they endure
as part of their daily life.

Nothing in their life
is good and decent anymore,
they feel their life is over
and they can’t take any more.

What can a mother do
to lead her child to God?
You would think they would realize
how much they need the Lord,
how much they need to pray,
repent and study His Word.

But Satan has them blinded,
he came to steal, kill and destroy.
So he uses, abuses and throws them
on Life’s trash heap like a toy.

Why can’t they see the Truth?
Why can’t they understand
they need to turn from sin
and hold onto God’s merciful, unchanging hand?

What can a mother do
when her child has gone astray?
She can do one thing,

she can pray.

By Nell Berry