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  A Prayer of Revival A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Compassion, Poems

Oh Father, there is so much sorrow and strife,
the news is replete with death and dying,
someone taking another’s life.

Mothers killing their own children,
children committing violent deeds
Husbands killing their wives,
leaving children so in need.

Lord, open eyes that cannot see,
give us hearts filled with Your love;
convict those who do not believe;
help me, Father, Your child,
in a sea of iniquity.

Lord, it seems the world is going to hell
and no one sees. Keep me from the pit,
that the enemy not pull me down.
I desire Your saving grace
that Your love may abound.

Father we need Your Holy Spirit to be
poured out on everyone.
Send a Spirit filled revival,
lead us to the Anointed One.

Our Father we are Your children,
in Your Word You commanded us
to love one another,
and I ask forgiveness.

We have disobeyed that command,
because of selfishness and greed.
I ask Your tender mercies
to help us the children feed.

Incline our hearts to be more loving,
giving widows comfort too.
Break our hearts for every lost one,
leading them to faith in You.

Oh, dear Lord, we are so hungry,
give us the Bread of Life.
Fill us to overflowing
with the Bread of Jesus Christ.

We are thirsty, oh so thirsty
for Him, our Supply.
We need Living Water
to quench our thirst and satisfy.

Help me Lord to be content,
conform me to Your image,
to complete the task
for which I’m sent.


By Nell Berry 8/3/04-6/19/08


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