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  A Mother’s Sorrow A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Comfort, Poems

My son, my son, how can this be?

Why, dear God was he taken from me?

My heart is breaking, I can’t understand.

Where were You Lord, where was Your hand?

I prayed for the safety for my dear child.

I asked that You cover him in that country so wild.

I feared for his life, but You promised me

Your hand of protection, though I could not see.

Now he is gone, so cruelly taken,

my life is so barren, so violently shaken.

Where is the solace, the comfort and peace?

When from this sorrow will I get relief?

Please dear God, help me understand,

why did you not keep him in the palm of Your hand?

My child, my child, I was there,

but your son did not call out to me in prayer.

His voice was silent, from Me he turned.

I would have saved him but my way he spurned.

Had he called to me in the name of the Lord,

My compassion and mercy on him I’d have poured.

My children teach your child while you can,

tell them to turn to Me, obey my commands.

Teach them the way in which they should go,

when they grow up, my way they will know.

Then when they call on my name in prayer,

I will never leave them, I’ll always be there.

I’ll never forsake them, I cannot lie.

Their eternity in Heaven with me in the sky will be theirs to have in the end,

I will always be there to be their friend.

They will never have to wonder where they will go,

My way they will follow, my way they will know.


By Nell Berry 6/20/06