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  A Mother’s Grief A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Death, Poems

Oh, the anguish, oh the horror,
oh the brokenness and grief.
Oh how sad and broken hearted,
how distraught with disbelief.

How can a mother in such pain,
come face to face with death?
What could anyone be thinking,
in the act that took her breath!

Oh my God, my God have mercy,
on a mother who has lost
her precious, precious child.
There’s no way to count the cost.

No one can imagine,
the depth of a mother’s love.
None can know the devastation
when that child, so greatly loved
is taken prematurely by such a senseless act
of thoughtless, violent emotion,
and nothing can bring her back.

I pray, oh Lord, for Your compassion,
that Your grace and love abound.
Give this mother loving comfort
that true faith and peace be found.

Give assurance she will see her
when this life for her is gone,
when the Father calls her home
to His great abode beyond.

Life is such a fleeting vapor,
we need more than a second glance.
Taking not our time for granted,
or leaving it to chance.

Only God can make it worth the
brief moments we have left.
Only He can save us from
an eternity of death.

He is life; He is breath; He is more
than we will need.
He will keep us reaching forward
and help our unbelief.


By Nell Berry 8/3/04



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