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  A Heart for God A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Spiritual Life

Lord set my mind on things above,
on beauty, kindness, a heart full of love.
Give to me a passion for God,
for the lost to show them You Lord.

Break my heart for those in need,
help me to plant a spiritual seed,
a seed that grows in righteousness,
and gives the world His brightness.

The Light that casts a glow
on all who seek the Lord,
to show the glow like the morning sun,
that lasts throughout till the day is done.

Lord bless me with Your light
and always let me live
in the love that light provides,
and to others may I give
the warmth of kindness,
the light of love,
and in humility may I receive
blessings from above.


By Nell Berry 2/5/07