God cares.

Choosing a Christmas tree is a very time consuming and special kind of event. After all, this is supposed to be the representation of the celebration of worship of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on His coming into the world and sacrificing His life to save the world from sin.

Christmas trees are the single most highly visible symbol of Christmas, therefore it is incumbent on each of us to find the most beautiful Christmas tree possible and transform it from just a tree in the forest to a beautiful symbol of our love for our precious Lord and Savior.

So, it has become a family tradition for many, for the whole family to go on a tree hunting expedition at Christmas time.

I remember when our children were growing up, we braved the cold, wind, and sometimes snow to go to a tree lot and find just the right, affordable tree. Of course, “Daddy” had to go along to help carry the tree from the lot and put it in the trunk of the car or in the truck.

When we got the tree home, it was the responsibility of “Daddy” to cut the trunk off to the correct length and size to fit the tree stand. The next step was to put it in a stand that had a place for water, so the tree would not dry out and be a fire hazard. Sometimes we set it in a large container that had sand in it and a frame that would hold the tree in place that had been constructed by “Daddy”. He was very handy in that department, being very good at building things from wood.

The next thing we did was set the tree in the living room in front of a window and decorate it with lights, glass ornaments, icicles, tinsel and sometimes popcorn or red berries strung on a string. When I was a child, we made chains from construction paper and hung them on the tree. In the school I went to there was as yet no electricity and we did not have Christmas tree lights to light the tree.

This is the symbol for the entire world to see and know that we are celebrating the birth of our Lord. Christmas after all, is the Birthday of our Lord and without Him there would be no Christmas. That’s why we should put “Christ” back in Christmas. The tree also symbolizes His death on the cross made from a tree.

Trees are a gift God has given us for shade in the summer, wood to warm us in the winter and for furniture, homes and churches, where we go to worship God and celebrate the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ. Trees also give us foliage for oxygen and chlorophyll.

Trees are a very essential commodity in our world today. But I believe a Christmas Tree reminds us of the First Gift, Jesus God’s Son whom He gave to us as our sacrifice. So, it is essential for us to remember the real reason for Christmas, to worship and give thanks to God for giving us His Son to die in our place on that cruel tree. But for Him we would be lost in sin and headed for a devil’s hell, which God designed for the devil and his demons. It was not made for us, yet that is where we will go unless we repent and turn from our wicked ways, take Jesus as our Lord and Savior and walk with Him. Praise God for the unsearchable riches of Christ. Praise Him for His unsearchable judgments and His ways past finding out.

We should also thank God for the trees, without which it would be nearly impossible, if not impossible to exist on this planet.

By Nell Berry


Author: Growing Up In Missouri and Other Short Stories. Nellberry07@comcast.net < mailto:nellberry07@comcast.net>