The stores say, "Only 10 days left!" 10 days until Christmas that is. There is so much to do and not enough time. STOP – are you sure you even have 10 days left? Are you sure you even have tomorrow left? Only God holds the answer to that question. We have to continue on each day like it is a precious gift from our Lord – which it is. Jesus came to the world the first time as a tiny baby. He came most humbly, in a stable, with no fanfare. But know this: Jesus IS returning, and everyone will know about it. This time there will be fanfare. The King has returned! Are you ready? If Christ returned right now, and asked you why he should let you in heaven, what would be your answer? There is only one right answer. And if you aren’t 100% sure of that answer, then you are NOT ready.

There may be only "10 shopping days left" until Christmas, but are you positive? All we are promised is right now. Only God knows the future. You too, can know your future if Christ is in your life.

It is my prayer for you, that you all will be able to answer the most important question: Why should I (God) let you into heaven?

Ü Because Jesus is Lord who came into the world to die for me, so that I could come into heaven.

Thank you Jesus for saving me. I love you.
Lisa Gopp