Today we come to the concluding part of our series on the subject the "Mind of Christ" focusing therein on the final aspect of our Lord's humble persona...


The enormity of Christ's humility in coming down in a mere man's body assumes different proportions altogether when we consider one more act of his inimitable humility: His conscious choice of remaining confined in it for eternity. His condescension meant, He would forever remain man, albeit in a Glorified body after the ascension (Rev 1:12-16).

Consider these Scripture portions (in present tense) penned after Christ's ascension, which are a "clincher" as it were, in substantiating this "chilling" truth…

"For in Christ there is all of God in a human body..." (Col. 2:9 TLB)

"That God is on one side and all the people on the other side, and Christ Jesus, himself man, is between them to bring them together..." (1 Tim 2:5 TLB)

"I looked and saw a Lamb standing there before the twenty-four Elders, in front of the throne and the Living Beings, and on the Lamb were wounds that once had caused his death." (Rev 5:6 TLB)

Let me conclude now with a relevant, touching story which goes thus…

There was an orphaned boy living with his grandma when their house caught fire. The grandmother, trying to get upstairs to rescue the boy, perished in the flames. The boy's cries for help were finally answered by a man who climbed an iron drainpipe and came back down with the boy hanging tightly to his neck. Several weeks later, a public hearing was held to determine who would receive custody of the child. A farmer, a teacher, and the town's wealthiest citizen all gave the reasons they felt they should be chosen to give the boy a home. But as they talked, the lad's eyes remained focused on the floor. Then a stranger walked to the front and slowly took his hands from his pockets, revealing severe scars on them. As the crowd gasped, the boy cried out in recognition. This was the man who had saved his life. His hands had been burned when he climbed the hot pipe. With a leap the boy threw his arms around the man's neck and held on for dear life. The other men silently walked away, leaving the boy and his rescuer alone. Those marred hands had settled the issue.

In these days of Lent, even as the Good Friday is around the corner, let us reflect on the truth that Christ's hands and legs still retain the scars (He will never get back the perfect state He was in before the First Christmas) we inflicted upon Him and respond with a resolution of showing life-long loyalty purely out of love and humility for the ONE who out of his indescribable humility has given His all to us!!! What a Saviour! Hallelujah!

Prayer: Father, we are inspired by all of theof Your Son borne out of His great humility. In our own trials, enable us to draw inspiration from His example. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Suresh Manoharan
An unworthy servant
J and SM Ministries

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