During a trip to visit relatives we drove to a house on the edge of town just off the highway. It was old, with peeling, faded and blistering paint. Once upon a time the side shutters had been red, and maybe even functional. The uneven boards on the front porch sloped making the whole house seem crooked. But inside, oh my! A delightful series of rooms with the most interesting items.

The front room was laden with a wonderful mixture. An antique desk, piled with paperwork, advertising a Notary. Orders, notes, and numbers tacked to the walls, and heirloom family photos. I spotted a round wire basket full of chirping crickets. The container's top somehow kept the insects from jumping out, even though there was no lid.

The owner had been working in one of the two back rooms. Rolls of ribbon were hanging from shelves by vases. A rusty coca-cola refrigerated case kept flowers and greenery fresh. The adjacent front room had a tiny table, a couple of chairs, small TV, and an itty bitty dog who was closely watching me.

This was one house, yet it had many components: a flower shop, bait shop, a notary, and possibly living quarters. Sort of the way a lot of different people comprise one family. Sort of the way a little baby was prophesied to be many different things in One person.

God is able, and willing, to meet us at our every point of need. He is many in One: our provider, protector, comforter, Savior, redeemer, and friend. That's exceedingly good news.

Inspirational Messages, Sally I. Kennedy ©2015