It is holiday time, and with more than one friend going through, well, basically - the pits, I've had some extra things on my mind, and prayer list. There was something else prepared to send out this week in Irish Thursdays messages, however I felt impressed to say a few words about this instead. Unfortunately, these friends are, no doubt, not the only ones going through a crisis, tragedy, or tough situation right now. Reality has been changed as people, situations, and things out of our control have changed. Just because it is the Christmas season does not mean it is Pollyanna time.

One has a sibling whose unexpected diagnosis is an advanced cancer, another has had both mother and father pass away this past month. A third has recently been served divorce papers, and yet another, with a young family to support, did not get the hoped-for job after being out of work for over nine months. Their feelings, and thoughts, are running the gamut of grief, fear, separation and loss, and rejection, to name a few.

What about the "Ho ho ho" season? Certainly there is never a good time for tragedy or crisis, but if ever there is no good time it is at Christmas. When our reality changes, we can become frozen, and temporarily forget everything we know about God like that He is still faithful, that He still loves and cares about us, that He is in the midst of the situation. Yet, He is in the midst of our situations.

Just as the sun rises and sets, as certain as anything ever could be, so is God who He says He is -- faithful, constant, caring, and present with us. Skies get cloudy, we have wind and storms -- from mild showers to all out raging hurricanes -- but the sun comes up every morning. In the first chapter of the book of James, the Bible says that God who is "the Father of the heavenly lights...does not change like shifting shadows." (James 1:17). That is truth, and a reality you can take to the bank, because "the Lord does not lie or change his mind. He is not a human being, he does not change his mind." (1 Samuel 15:29)

No matter what your reality, be encouraged today. God is the Reality that never changes. That is good news, at Christmas time or any other time.

Inspirational messages by Sally I. Kennedy
Sally I. Kennedy